About Me

My interest in aviation started, like most pilots, as child. It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I was able to afford lessons at the local airport. My instructor was the quintessential “airport bum” who babied his little Cessna 150 and instilled conservative values not only in flying principles, but in the economics of flying. An Army physician at the time, I enjoyed flying to small airports for $100 hamburgers, trips to larger cities for shopping/dining, and to rural hospitals moonlighting in the ER. I moved out west after finishing up with the Army, and now enjoy mountain and high desert flying. As an FAA aviation medical examiner, I deal with pilots everyday and understand the importance of hearing protection.

Of all the gadgets and gear out there available for the private pilot, the aviation headset is probably the most important (and essential) item purchased. There are a lot of choices out there. For some, cost is not an issue, and naturally pick out the latest and greatest. Others prefer to review the specs, cost, and overall value of available headsets prior to making a purchase.
Fortunately, the web allows for pilots of all backgrounds and tastes to provide feedback, here on this site, for all to enjoy.

Good luck on your search for the “Best Aviation Headset”!