About Us


Hi, I’m James Hunter, I’ve been a pilot for over 20 years and. I started flying as a teenager and quickly became hooked by the magic of flying. As well as flying aircraft, I’m also an approved flight instructor (CFI) and I currently hold a senior CFI rating with over 3,000 hours of flight time. The majority of my flying has been in the states, however as part of my job as a pilot I’ve also flown in many different countries throughout Europe and SE Asia.

As well as being passionate about aviation, I am equally interested in engineering and how things work “under the hood”. A common problem that most pilots have is that they don’t know or understand what makes their avionic systems tick – this is where engineering comes into play.

In the air, communication is absolutely essential – communication between the crew, communication with other aircraft, and communication with navigation services like air traffic control. You need a good headset to do any of those.

One of the most important things I get my student to invest in is a good headset. A headset that is comfortable has clear audio, and is reliable can make the difference between an enjoyable journey and living hell.

I often get asked “which headset should I buy?” from my students, and my answer is always “the best you can afford”.

I started this website to help pilots both new and experienced to find the right headset – and avoid the duds. My hope is that this will save you both time and money buying your next headset – saving you from headaches later down the line when something goes wrong.