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When I started my private pilot training at a small airport in Oklahoma back in 2001, one my  first memories was donning the aviation headset. I recall walking into the local FBO and watching the instructor grab an old pair of David Clark’s as we headed out to the Cessna 150 for an hour or so of instruction.

David Clark 10-13.4 Aviation Headset

David Clark

There is something about the David Clark aviation headset that is classic. That iconic green symbol of aviation,  omnipresent in the media,  subconsciously finds it’s way into every pilots “cool things I want” memory bank. Naturally, I looked into purchasing some David Clarks, however I managed to borrow my instructor’s spare Telex headsets for the majority of my private pilot training. It wasn’t long before I was eyeing the Active Noise Reduction (ANR) aviation headsets to spare my precious hearing and aid in radio communications, especially in busy airspace.

One issue I had was that I wanted to demo all of the options: David Clark, Lightspeed, Telex, Bose, Sennheiser, and others, in order to get an idea of comfort, sound quality and amount of active noise reduction. Not to mention, some had additional features like stereo sound, cell phone adapters, rechargeable batteries, auto-off, and replaceable gel ear seals. And these days, Bluetooth, in-the-ear, and wireless technology have not only made flying more comfortable, but more complex when it comes to making purchasing decisions as a private or professional pilot. Features are more extensive, and may be harder to sift through.

BestAviationHeadsets.com’s mission is to sort out all of the latest technology when it comes to aviation headsets. Aviation headset reviews, videos, and side-by-side headset comparison of the top selling aviation headsets to help pilots-in-training as well as veteran commercial pilots make an informed decision. Whether your are looking to purchase an aviation headset for yourself, a flight school, or a gift, BestAviationHeadsets.com is your comprehensive resource for this essential pilot accessory. Check out the ongoing discussions about the following aviation headsets:


Active Noise Reduction (ANR), Noise Cancelling Headsets

  • Bose (Bose X, Bose A20 Bluetooth)
  • Lightspeed (Lightspeed Zulu, Lightspeed Sierra)
  • David Clark (X11, H10-13XL, H10-13X, H10-13XP, H20-10XL, H20-10XP, H10-76XL)
  • Telex (Telex 750)
  • Sennheiser (HMEC 46, HMEC 26)
  • Sigtronics (S-AR ANR)

Standard Passive Noise Reduction Aviation Headsets

  • David Clark (H10-13.4, H10-13S, etc.)
  • Telex (Telex Echelon 20)
  • Pilot Aviation
  • AvComm, and others
  • Sigtronics (S-20, S-40, S-58)

In-the-ear Aviation Headsets

  • Clarity Aloft (Headset, and Pro)
  • Sennheiser


  • Sigtronics Youth
  • David Clark H10-13Y

I am sure most pilots have something to say regarding their choice of aviation headsets…good or bad. Please feel free to share your opinions,here on this site,  so your airman brethren can benefit when it comes to making such an important consumer decision.

With time, I hope to accumulate a rather large database, comparing all of the aviation headsets available. In addition, I’d like to add a classified section exclusively for the resale of used headsets. Trust me, I know there are a lot of old headsets lying around those hangars.  Student pilots and those looking to find a cheap aviation headset will undoubtedly appreciate a discounted headset…then upgrade later to one of the “Best Aviation Headsets”!